Gallery of women in UMC History

In honor of Women's History Month 2014:

"Celebrating Women of Courage, Character and Commitment"

 GCSRW celebrated Women's History Month 2014 by creating this gallery of courageous, committed women in Methodist history.  Click on each woman's photo to read her story and find other resources about her.
  • Susanna Wesley
    The mother of Methodism?
  • Georgia Harkness
    Pioneering Theologian
  • Leontine T.C. Kelly
    Trailblazing Bishop
  • Fanny J. Crosby
    Composer of beloved hymns
  • Jarena Lee
    19th Century Preacher
  • Marjorie Swank Matthews
    First Woman Bishop
  • Theressa Hover
    led Women's Division
  • Mary Bosanquet Fletcher
    Defender of Women Preaching
  • Clara Swain
    M.D. and Missionary
  • Lydia Sexton
    Licensed "Pulpit Speaker"
  • Julia Torres Fernandez
    First Hispanic Elder
  • Alma Matthews
    Friend to Immigrants
  • Dorothy Height
    Civil Rights Grandmother
  • Paula Mojzes
    First woman superintendent
  • Lois Dauway
    Champion for social justice
  • Maud Keister Jensen
    First woman in full
  • Lois Glory-Neal
    Native American elder & DS
  • Frances W. Alguire
    Chair, World Methodist
  • Joaquina Nhanala
    Only woman bishop in Africa
  • Colleen Kyung Seen Chun
    First Asian woman in
  • Ella Niswonger
    First woman elder in UBC
  • Lucy Rider Meyer
    'Archbishop of deaconesses'
  • Minerva Garza Carcaño
    First Latina bishop
  • Anna Howard Shaw
    One of first women ordained