Every year the General Commission on the Status and Role of Women provides a box of supplies to stock a table at your Annual Conference at no cost to you!  All you need to do is email to request your shipment.

This year’s box will contains materials that we hope will be most useful to local congregations and their ministries.   Please feel free to contact our office if you need more copies of any of these materials.  Our administrative coordinator will mail them to you.  Please give us at least a week for packing and shipping time.


Unless you requested otherwise, this box contains:

100 Information sheets about the Constitutional amendment to Paragraph 4, Article 4
50 buttons, “I’m for Paragraph 4”
25 buttons “No Sexism”
1 copy of Women Called to Ministry in English
1 copy of God of the Bible
50 postcards about Women Called to Ministry
50 postcards about God of the Bible
50 GCSRW pens
50 GCSRW introduction brochures
50 copies of the GCSRW UMSexualEthics poster
50 UMSexualEthics bookmarks

We encourage you be creative in drawing people to your table or display.  Consider draping fabric over the table, or using a tri-fold board to display photographs, posters, newsletters, or other engaging materials.  Put some candy in a bowl to attract people to your display.  

All of the materials in the box can be copied, and additional resources can be found online at the “Resources” tab of our website,  Once again, these materials are free and for your use at any annual conference, district, or local church event. 

We would love to receive your pictures and stories about your display.  Also, if you have questions or would like to share ideas, please send them to our Senior Director of Education and Leadership, Leigh Goodrich, at  

Thank you for all you do to promote “the full and equal responsibility and participation of women in the total life and mission of the Church.”  Your work is key to justice for women in your annual conference.