Strategies to Pass Paragraph 4, Article IV in Your Annual Conference: Things to start doing NOW!

1. Plan a conference call with members of your annual conference COSROW.
a. Introduce Paragraph 4, Article IV to your committee
b. Explain the meaning and importance of the amendment
c. Explain the need to get as many votes as possible in your Annual Conference
d. Discuss strategies for bringing in votes
i. With whom can you form alliances?
1. General Conference Delegates
2. UMW
3. UMM
4. Youth with a Mission (YWAM)
5. Conference Disabilities Commission
6. Caucuses – 
a. Black Methodists for Church Renewal (BMCR)
b. Metodistas Associados Represantando las Causa de Hispano-Americanos (MARCHA)
c. Native American Interenational Caucus
d. National Federation of Asian American United Methodists 
e. Pacific Islander National Caucus of United Methodists
7. Methodist Federation for Social Action
8. Good News
ii. Who will approach these groups?
e. Consider bringing supporters together for a meeting
i. Distribute fact sheets and buttons
ii. Listen to concerns and objections
f. Devise a social media plan using the hashtag for your annual conference (ie: #2017neac)
2. Contact your Annual Conference Director of Connectional Ministries 
a. When will Paragraph 4, Article IV be brought to the floor of annual conference?
b. Request a time to speak to the amendment
i. Will you be able to share the video (5 mins)?
ii. What message will you bring?
c. Prepare a statement in the event that you are not allowed to speak at a prescribed time
i. Who will request the moment of personal privilege?
ii. Who will stand with the speaker?
iii. What will be said?
iv. When will it be offered (suggest a time when clergy and laity are in the room)
d. Reserve a table at your annual conference
e. Schedule a luncheon before or during your annual conference
i. Invite supporters as well as committee members
f. See if you can include the Paragraph 4 insert in the pre-annual conference mailing
3. Set a realistic goal for the number of affirmative votes you expect  
a. Have a concrete means of anticipating the vote
b. Who are the people you are unsure about?
4. Disseminate education about Paragraph 4, Article IV 
a. Send video through email or social media to 
i. Bishops
ii. District Superintendents
iii. Pastors
iv. Lay leaders/other local church leaders
b. Make follow up phone calls to address questions
c. Tell a story about discrimination in the church based on gender, marital status, ability or age  
i. Will your conference communicator publish it in your conference newsletter?